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The video format has become the new kid in town where social media platforms gave it a new dimension, with TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube being at the epicentre of this revolution.

#mkt wants you to be a part of this movement and has a team of excellence that can create gorgeous and catchy videos to best suit your requirements.

Join us in this incredible ride and let our content speak for itself.

Float Videography Agency London


Planning your shoot to best suit the platforms your products and services will be displayed at


Creating high quality content to attract current and new audiences for your business


Our team take care of the whole process, from pre-production to post-production
pre-shoot consultation

Pre-Shoot Consultation

moodboard creation

Moodboard Creation

location sourcing

Location Sourcing

Shoot Strategy

Shoot Strategy

product staging

Product Staging

tools and props

Tools & Props

adobe premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro

adobe after effects

Adobe After Effects

What is Videography?

Videography involves filming and editing videos for events and projects to make them unforgettable. The power of videography lies in its ability to capture attention for a long period of time, unlike written and photographic content.

Whatever your video needs may be, we would be thrilled to sit down with you, understand your vision and goals, and make an informative plan on how to execute it and make your idea a reality.

Why is Videography important?

What’s important to consider about videography is the visibility it brings to your brand. The more your audience knows about you the better.

Original content for your online business is an important part of your arsenal when it comes to increasing website traffic and turning visitors into paying customers. Video content on social media and online has been regarded as a key driver that influences buying decisions.

Think about the long-term and the value of building rapport with your customers.

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